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get to know the spirit sisters

Michelle, simone & louise

They say you choose your parents, it can therefore be no coincidence, that as three sisters with only eighteen months between us we have all become working mediums and healers.
Spirit started us on our journeys as young teenagers, each of us experiencing the presence of spirit in very different ways trying to get our attention. It was not until very recently, whilst sharing a bottle of Prosecco after a demonstration that we realised we had all had similar experiences at similar times, we had just never really talked about it. Perhaps spirit knew that teenage girls don’t talk to each other they just steal their clothes! All three of us had just accepted our spiritual encounters and carried on with everyday life. We began to work together as the Spirit Sisters one evening in the summer of 2016 just as an experiment and it worked, it really worked! Our energies blended perfectly. The power of three. Our sister bond and connection with each other was a wonderful platform to give a very unique experience. Since that night we have worked together in many diverse venues and are always open to each new challenge spirit throws our way. We not only work together as sisters but have a strong family team working with us from the world of spirit, and although we know that we are always protected and loved by them we also know how amused they all are when we question “how on earth did we get ourselves into this?”

“When was the first time you saw Spirit?”
The first time I saw spirit was when I was living abroad in my early twenties not long after my grandmother had passed away, on the night she passed I got woken by my alarm clock flashing at 2:22 which I felt was strange as we were used to power cuts and it would always display 0:00, it continued until the morning. It was my day off, but I explained to my flatmate I had to go into work as I was going to receive a phone call to say someone had passed away, when I arrived at work Michelle rang to say our grandmother had passed away during the night, I will always believe it was 2:22am.
My first spiritual experience was as a young girl of about 14. Spirit would come and sit on my bed each night. I would feel the sensation and a presence as the blankets gently moved and I felt the heaviness as if a person was sitting there. I would talk to the spirit in my head, but never felt I got a response. I once saw a family of what looked like shepherds walking along the landing of our family home, I called out to my parents, which in hindsight was a bit crazy “Mum, Dad, I’ve just seen a family of ghosts walking along the landing ……… Night then”. I went to sleep easily that night but my poor parents lay awake for hours!
It all started for me at the age of 12, my very first encounter with spirit was a visit at night in my bedroom. My guide stood in the corner of the room and just looked at me, as you can imagine I thought I was going mad. I sat bolt upright in my bed as he was just watching me, I felt a little unnerved but not afraid. Later that night I could hear people walking around the house and my voice being called in my ear. I had no idea who or what it was, my poor dad would often have to get up in the middle of the night just to check the house for burglars.

The Power of Three is very important and signifies mind body and spirit. Three has been a significant number throughout history it’s a number that evokes power and spiritual relevance. Throughout history and in particular going back to Celtic ancient beliefs, symbols and symbolisms the number three is very prominent. These symbols often provoke positive magic, unity and love. Symbols of the Triade also represent the past, present and future. Clearly we three all have a past, we live in the present and we look forward to our journey in the future. When you call upon the symbol of three it evokes power, protection and connection. We feel these natural spiritual forces when we stand and work together as The Spirit Sisters.

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